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30 DAY FREE TRIAL  (click  to see eligibility)

To get more information and set up an appointment to begin your Free Trial please contact us:

Call us at (416) 744-6868

Email us at

Or come visit us in person at 813 Bloor Street West click on contact page or this link to view us on a map


We offer Women Only classes 4 days per week (In addition to all the Co-Ed classes).

We have a lot of different training and membership package options:

One of our  popular intro adult membership packages is $859 plus tax for 6 months, and comes with 20% off your first uniform purchase from us as a bonus.


The same package as above with a 20% discount off your first BJJ uniform bonus,plus 1 FREE MONTH (7 MONTHS TOTAL) can be yours for as little as $730.15 plus tax.

Our most popular 12 month adult intro package is $1427 plus tax, and with the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT can go as low as $1098.79 plus tax (additional 8% discount in lieu of a free month) , and also comes with a 20% off discount on your first BJJ uniform thrown in as bonus.

Monthly rates on 6 month and 12 month commitments are also available. Our most popular monthly rates are $167/month plus tax for 6 months and $147 plus tax for 12 months. With the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT those rates can go as low as $128.59 & $113.19/MONTH
plus tax (Additional 8% discount on monthlies in lieu of a free month).

The Full range of Membership rates and packages are only available in person at the academy during your 1 week check in appointment.

 * See inside or call for details