Our Adult programs include Co-Ed classes for beginners known as White Belt only on our schedule. Advanced classes for those who are ranked Blue Belt and higher (with select advanced white belts receiving special permission to attend).  Mixed level co-ed classes from white belt to black belt. And our famous Women Only classes.

We pride ourselves on our team as a family environment. We are here to help make each other better and reach our goals. Our incredible environment is why we have produced the most Black Belts in Canada. If you are a competitive soul, do not worry there is training for you here, and competitions to join. While the majority of our students do not compete, our students who do, have had the best competition results in Ontario since 2008, and in Canada since 2009. So remember, your training partners are your teammates, and not your competition.

The exercise in our classes is the best. That is why when you come in on your first day you are likely to see so many people in incredible shape having tons of fun. Do not forget to bring water to stay hydrated (your first day ontro lesson will be less intense but still bring water)!

White Belt Only

Sub-program description. We offer classes exclusively for beginners! Hone your fundamentals and learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a relaxed, fun environment with some of the world’s best mentorship!

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Mixed Classes

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Advanced Classes

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