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30 DAY FREE TRIAL  (click  to see eligibility)

To get more information and set up an appointment to begin your Free Trial please contact us:

Call us at (416) 744-6868

Email us at

Or come visit us in person at 813 Bloor Street West click on contact page or this link to view us on a map


We offer Women Only classes 4 days per week (In addition to all the Co-Ed classes).

Our membership packages are based on:

  1. Length of commitment (6 or 12 months)
  2. Number of days per week of access
  3. Payment plan (all upfront, all in monthly instalments, or a hybrid of a down payment and monthly instalments)

Early Bird Discounts of up to 15%, and Student Discounts (attending university and college) of 10% available to eligible participants.

Since 2021 the average monthly cost (including those who paid all upfront) has been $140-$180 for adults and $120-$160 for Kids and Teens. It can go higher and it can go lower.

The Full range of Membership rates and packages are only available in person at the academy during your 1 week check in appointment.

 * See inside or call for details