Jorge Britto

BJJ Black Belt  4rd Degree

Head BJJ Instructor
Sub- Wrestling Instructor
2015 World Masters Champion Black Belt M2

2010  ADCC European Qualifier Champion
2009 World No-GI Masters Absolute  Black Belt World Champion

2009 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Masters Co-Champion (closed out division with a teamate)

5x Rio-State Champion

2006 Brazilian National Bronze Medalist (Black Belt)

2x Brazilian National Silver Medalist (Brown Belt)

Professional MMA Fighter
CCF Lightwieght Champion
University degree in Physical Education

Jorge’s teachers have included the legendary:
Helio Gracie (founder of the art), Saulo Ribeiro, and Royler Gracie.

In MMA Jorge’s training partners have included the following UFC fighters: Shogun, Machida, Anderson Silva, Fabricio Camoes, and Vitor Belfort.